Brilliant Bham Dsgn

Such a great theme throughout The look and feel for the Birmingham Design Festival is obviously a cohesive and well-thought scheme. The type faces play well together and the colors are bold without being crazy. The Triangle or “Forward” symbols area brilliant way to tell the history and story of Birmingham without any words. Borrowed from Identity Designed

Worlds Happiest Place

Happiness rankings are all the rage. We just had the results, for example, of the UN’s 2019 World Happiness Report, which declared Finland the jolliest nation for the second year in a row. It’s based on all sorts of things, from life expectancy to quality of healthcare, but the only trouble is that even Finns seem surprised: “What, slightly dour us?” That’s because, while you can try and measure happiness with a series of metrics, in reality it’s a complicated thing to plot on a chart. It’s much easier – even if it’s less scientific – to discern when you suddenly find yourself surrounded by very happy folk.

And for anyone compiling a list of happy cities, and willing to ditch the science, I have a hot contender. This week I took part in a day of talks about innovation and design called – wait for it – Inovdesign. It was at the Serralves Foundation in Porto. And I don’t think I have ever spent a day where, without fail, everyone was so upbeat and such passionate advocates for their city. A few more hours in their company and I would have been contacting a relocation agent.

There was organiser Ana Leal, who entrusted me with a crucial key and laughed when I thought I had lost it; Eduardo Aires, who designed the city’s identity and whizzed me around the city in his electric car while declaring, “This place will blow your mind”; and André Costa, a clever creative who told me how he fits in a surfing session after factory visits. There was something about the city’s size, access to the river (and ocean), food and affordability that just seemed to infect people with a sunny disposition. So Porto is my nominee for the We’re Really Kind of Cool with the World City 2019 – and I have a feeling it’s going to win.

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Impressive Design…

Abad - Family Furniture Designer

Abad is a family furniture design company in Getxo, Spain. They’re in a new business stage they’ve called “Abad: The recomposition” where the keys products are formed with a mixture of materials, concepts, and textures.

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Holi festival 2019: how designers use colour in ingenious ways
Photo Credit: Design Week

This week the Hindu festival of colours takes place, which sees communities across the world throw powder over each other to mark the start of Spring and celebrate love, joy and new beginnings. Inspired by this, creatives tell us about colourful design projects, which use the spectrum in inventive, charming and clever ways.By Sarah Dawood March 20, 2019 3:08 pm

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Featured Image: Australian National Maritime Museum branding, by Frost Collective

Surreal is So Real.

Max Loffler – Original Digital Work

Surreal Illustrations by Max Löffler

Max Löffler is a brilliant German illustrator and graphic designer working primarily in the fields of editorial illustration and album artwork. Check out Max and his other works. The mix of colors and some muted hues really make these images pop. These modern designs are current with a vintage vibe. Max’s work speaks volume without any copy.

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Cozy Contemporary

Architects: Rodic Davidson Architects
Project: Kensington Town House
Location: Kensington, London
Photography: Will Pryce

Kensington Town House is a project completed by London-based Rodic Davidson Architects. Elite Designers were the lead structural consultants for the complete refurbishment of this classic white stucco fronted London townhouse in Kensington.

Project description: This large property forms part of a grand terrace situated at the heart of the Kensington Conservation Area. Our brief was to create a family house of exceptional quality for sale to an international market. Check out more by following links directly to Rodic Davidson Architects.